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That's not the half of it..! Vista signs you into regular online product activation checking by MS and if they deem your product is not genuine they can disable it remotely. There's an article about it from SecurityFocus at www.securityfocus.com/columnists/423. Given their current record of success with so called 'Windows Geuine Advantage' I wouldn't take the risk. Looking forward to OSX 10.5
Enjoying following your missional life in Telford. We used to visit when we lived in Shrewsbury so I know the place a bit. Still pass through about 6 times a year and always think of & pray for you guys as we whizz past Jnc 5.

And did you check this:

US full Vista price $250
UK full Vista price £250!

Since when was the dollar pound rate as bad as that!

Sorry Bill, NO WAY.

Nice post. His speech at CES was along the same lines.

Struggling today with linking your last post with this post.

Did you really write:

"Architect of community - Parent of all people
Inventor of culture - Originator of relationship
Engineer of peace - Painter of love
Lead me, draw me, use me."

on one day and the next write something so different...

LOL Graham... hey what can I say... I'm an enigma and a confused mess of a human ;)

More on vista


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