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Mark this is one of my favorite venues and locations, standing at the bottom being overwhelmed by the size and noise. Standing at the top looking out over wales reninds me of how small i amin the things of god, yet how preciuos i am to him to be mindin his image, and the joy it gives me to share these things with others

It is an incredible place... here's an interesting story about PR, last year I went to the Manchester Mind*Body*Spirit fair, I was early and was first outside the main doors, the second to arrive was this lady. We got chatting and it turned out she had been a partner of a Reiki healing business, her husband was the other parnter. Arriving back early from a weekend away she walked in on her husband with a younger lady... the marriage broke up and because the business was in her husbands name she lost everything... her husband still runs the business offering healing and peace to others! We had a long chat and I was telling her about what we were doing (she offered/promised to pray for us!) Anyway, she suddenly pulled a leaflet out of her handbag and said that it had been lying on her hall table and for some reason she felt she should put it in her bag for someone she would meet... it was a leaflet about PR falls and its role as a spiritual place... she gave t to me and said she thought it might be for me. Of course when I looked I was able to tell it her it was less than an hour from Telford... but I had never heard of it (we'd only been in Telford a couple of months)... so it was fantastic to go there last week... more water/risk/power and presence of God!

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