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[I've edited this comment, because I think it's bad netiquette to post large chunks of articles as a comment, but it is relevant so the links are below... Mark]

The link between Mind and Social / Environmental-Issues.

The fast-paced, consumerist lifestyle of Industrial Society is causing exponential rise in psychological problems besides destroying the environment...

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mmm...i like this.

and i am so glad to have friends that i know are thinking of us. thank you mark berry...your kind words are much appreciated.

Wow! what a beautiful quote Mark...such clarity in such profound simplicity. Thanks...Ron+

WOW! I am going to post this right now on my blog! Thank you! Adele

Mark. Be aware that some critics of Christianity have charged that Paul was the creator of it rather than Jesus.

To sharpen this line of thought in today's cultural context you really need to extend this to show Paul was not trying to create a 'religion' either, lest you inadvertantly confirm the imagined wedge between the two in the thoughts on non-Christian readers.

Good observation Matt, though I think that debate is somewhat 'passed it's sell-by date' in the UK... interestingly I went to a debate between A.N. Wilson and Tom Wright on this very subject a few years back (I guess around 10years ago) Wilson argued that Paul had founded Christianity and that Jesus was a powerfully prophetic itinerant Rabbi, but had never intended to be considered the Messiah... the debate was pretty poor as they really couldn't find any common starting point, so they just spoke past each other... Wilson arguments seemed (if I remember correctly) to be hung on the Eucharist as a rite.

I guess I would reflect initially, that the pattern of mission (church planting?) that I see Paul advocating is one based on seeding indigenous expressions and communities rather than a didactic and imposed religious model 'coming down' from the Jerusalem Church. So I guess I would say that neither was 'founding' A Religion but seeking to enable others in community to seek for God in everyday life and each other and to transform culture and society from within not without... but I would really need to think a bit more before being too categoric... maybe something to think about?

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