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Hey Mark! Glad to have met you over there and really looking forward to meeting you again sometime! You Brits are hilarious and your twostep was really neat. Always thought Englishman would prefer walking to dancing, must be the Sting Influence. :-) Anyway, looking foreward to things developing in the future, too!

debbie said you were the man of the hour in houston. so glad you could go. see . . . i told you that you should totally be there. hurry up with those pics!

hi mark,

i presume the design team has bounced around the ecological cost of a "global" learning trail and the practices needed to shift a global trail from middle-class experiential tourism to incarnational indwelling (luke 10:3-5 style)? Would love to hear how these are processed cos they are pedagogical issues I am pondering in my training context/s,


Steve, I think these are excellent questions, and as yet the answer to the first issue is no... we are at a very early stage and are not yet committed to anything... TBH we are only at the foundation story/values point of the conversation, the 'design team' has met for around an hour! As for the Luke 10 question, the underlying principles at the moment are to do with mentoring... meta and local - so each learner would have a mentor who helps them to reflect on learning needs, and a mentor in each community they engage with, to help them reflect on learning insitu. The questions are not about "where do you want to go?", but "where can you access the learning that you/we have identified?"... part of the values of this idea are that existing leaders intentionally look for entrepreneurs/pioneers in their communitites and in their relationships and seek to enable/release them. I guess one factor in this thinking is that 'Emerging Churches' could very easily fall into the trap that the 'House Churches' have, that they find it hard to let go of leadership and too easily develop heirarchies based on name, age and experience.

I will take these questions back to the 'Design team'.

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