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What are your crimes? Why do you hate Scientology?

(kidding, hehe)

Here are some links of possible interest

http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1083100102009309014&q=Scientology&hl=en - Scientology 4th of July Event

http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-9161754361761529361&q=Scientology&hl=en - Interview with L. Ron Hubbard himself

http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3463204714566011542&q=Scientology&hl=en - Scientology Orientation Video ;)

http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3036203388298824269&q=Scientology&hl=en - Movie that Scientology doesn't want you to see

I have studied scientology and I share your concern. I agree that we need to be discerning. I also feel like tolerance is not the same as love. There are certain things I cannot "tolerate" but I am told to love all. I have to set up certain boundaries with certain individuals/groups based on spiritual discernment. That is not necessarily unloving, even though it might appear intolerant. It's that fine line that we start to walk when we are missional and when we "get out there" and love people while they are still entrenched in their "world". Some people will not be able to hang out with scientologists or pagans or atheists for that matter. Which is why we need to extend much grace and understand that Christians need to be loving but also discerning and personally responsible for what the Spirit is guiding them personally to do or not do.

ToneScale... you nearly had me there ;) You have obviously read some of the same stuff I have... for those who haven't this is the standard reply from Scientologists to anyone who criticises the CoS... then acuusing them of lying but not providing any evidence, then getting very aggressive and threatening!

Makeesha... Bang on! Though I have no problem hanging out with anyone, I completely agree with you about the difference between love and tolerance!

Hey Mark
I have some first hand knowledge and expereince of Scientology, having been one for two years, and although it awoke spiritual yearning in me that eventualy led me to becomming a Christian, i do want to say this they are a cult and employ methods of mind control, and make a heck of a lot of empty promises. and when you leave they pursue you not in a vindictive way, but a subtle "how will you live with out us???" way. They just won't leave you alone... Actualy i have come across many churches like that too...
I think tolerance is important BUT it is not a two way street, there goal is conversion to scientology... actualy scratch the last bit and there are quite a few churches like that too..

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