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Thanks. I agree with most and particularly at a more trans-local/global level. I guess I am still wrestling with the very local involvement in traditional structures/ expressions of church that just dont seem to be going anywhere.

Richard, no problem... it is a stimulating question... I completely agree with the Global/Local sense... perhaps we are living in a time when 'National' is being replaced by 'Global/Local' in many ways... communication, learning, asociation etc... I too am finding the relationship with the traditional structures more and more troubling... if anything "Fresh Expressions" has made it more difficult for me!

Just discussed it with a mate in response to my post http://www.sundaypapers.org.uk/?p=302 we are going to propose we are let out when the children go out for sunday school, maybe a first step towards a kind of menu approach, so we can try to reconcile the mission and learning part. Still not sure if propping up a dying thing???

LOL... I like that, "The Children, Young People and the Emerging/Missional will now leave us to go to their groups. The Children meet in the Hall, the Young People in the Coffee Lounge and the Emerging/Missional in the Pub down the road!"

A few years ago we did away with one talk/sermon and had a menu of short courses etc instead for a short while once a month. It does work in the sense that different groups can have the space to learn and grow in particular themes/areas. We stopped it because more and more people decided to take those Sunday's off...I guess change is good while it's fresh, but there is often a majority who gravitate back to the traditional...I think that is why it is easier to set up something new than evolve an existing group.

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