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thanks heaps mark.
really appreciated.
the saint brendan is such a great narrative, fits so well with luke 10 also.

trust you slept well.

Thanks for sharing these Mark.

used both vidoes today in the class. they were just what had i hoped - earthing the conversation; yet stimulating and sparking fresh challenge and insight.

Placing yours alongside a video from sanctus and from al roxburgh, they worked really well in terms of breadth (except all male - sigh), and also enabled me to build the class around actual communities rather than idealisms and theory. excellent. thanks heaps.

Hey Mark,

I just collected some short videos available on YouTube about the emerging church (they're mostly from an American conference held). I made a playlist of them in order to start a blog dicussion about the differences between the emerging church in the US and down under. Stephen@greenflame then alerted me to your videos.

I'm downloading them now to watch but I'd like to ask, any chance they could appear on YouTube, and then on my playlist?

Paul, are you offering to upload them? If so, feel free, mate and let me know the links.

Thanks, Mark. Will do, if I can. I'm new to the YouTube thingy.

Hey Mark,

I uploaded them. You can find them at the following URLs.


Let me know if you are having problems, by emailing me directly.

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