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Happy birthday, Mark!

Great photo - spiderwebs are pretty photogenic - yours reminds me of some I took last year, one of which I posted at http://dowsetts.blogspot.com/2005/09/spider-web.html

Here's wishing you many more great birthdays, and great images with your birthday toy ;-)

Thanks Andrew

OK this is weird, I just came over to your blog from another I read. Check out hsi spder pics

Cool spider.

"The eentsie, weentsie spider went up the water spout. Out came the rain and washed the spider out..." Can't remember the rest of the diddie. Glad to see you enjoying your camera!

"... out came the sunshine and dried up all the rain, so eentsie weentsie spider climbed up the spout again!" (or incey wincey - in the UK version!)

a slightly chilling picture. I may have to show my wife, she will freak.

Thanks, Mark, for knowing the rest of the diddy!

Hi Mark, a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Hope you had a great day, will have a little something for you next space. I like the photo of the Garden Spider, also know as the Cross Spider because of the white cross-shaped group of spots on their abdomen, they can live up to two years and are found in almost every country in the northern hemisphere. Oh yeah, the female is bigger than the male and if he's not careful can end up as lunch when they are attempting the reproduction thing, if she's had a bad day. So keep your distance:-)
Phew, glad it's not the same for us humans.

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