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Thanks for passing this on to your readers, Mark. I hope everyone enjoys!

The “Forest” is luxurious and contemplative. How could one not experience this and not comprehend his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature.

these are just beautiful Mark, thanks for the link.

Well, you might get a spot on Slice. Though honestly, would it bother you that much? If you believe that what you're doing is good and right, then why would you feel the need to practically invite a clobbering?

When I post my thoughts I don't add a PS that says "I know the liberals are going to tar and feather me for this" ;-)

Anyway, my genuine thoughts? Very pretty pictures. The Lord creates some utterly amazing stuff.

Libbie, maybe I should just take it for granted ;) As for Slice, Carla has yet to cast her sights on me... I think Andrew Jones keeps her entertained... TBH it wouldn't bother me really, it was a throw away comment, but at the same time I'm more than happy with this blog being a place of dialouge, but I'm not interested in argument for its own sake!... it all gets a bit unedifying!

BTW thanks for coming back :)

Argument for it's own sake is the most boring thing in the entire world.

Just to clarify - Carla doesn't run Slice. You'd get a fairer lick from Carla than many of the commentators on Slice, that's for sure :-)

I've put you on my favourites, in my ever-growing 'emerging church blogs' folder - so you've got your very own TR stalker now, lol.

No your right... it was late, I was on a strange computer, a dial up connection (yawn) after a long day... my excuse for mixing Slice up with EmergentNO!

LOL... My own stalker... I've made it :) You are extremly welcome!

these are excellent mark- we need to create starting places for people to come and explore spirituality; when we place stalls into Mind Body Soul exhibitions the visuals are often not "Christian" but again are starting places!
These images are beautiful- echoing others- thanks for the link

I tried to open them and down load them and visit the itunes link - all to no avail...I'll try again when I'm more in tune with my computer!

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