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Welcome! Great to have you on board. Congrats on getting the necessary votes to get in.

CONGRATS!!!! What's the criteria for being selected?

Welcome to the scribe community, Mark. It's funny today I was thinking I should tell you about Scribe and have you apply... then you posted this. Nice.

great to have you along Mark, with the rest of us scribes.

Mark great to have you with the scribe, looking forward to your voice in the conversation

welcome. what great company you keep . ..

Thanks all...
Adele... you asked about the criteria, before I list them I'm not 100% sure I fit them that snugly, but they have welcomed me in so ;) anyway here they are ...

The Three Traits of a Daily Scribe!

1.) Advanced writing ability. This is not limited to mechanics and style. Sharp articulation (four page posts are so out, btw) and presentation are very, very important too. The ability to engage in narrative form is a gift which definitely makes writers very attractive.

2.) Awareness of Voice. Who you are in relation to your subject should be obvious to readers. Readers who can not see the human story behind the content will not be as edified as they could be by the content. Why then would they come back? A blogger's voice is so obvious. It saturates his or her content. Voice is so very obvious, in fact, that when it meanders all over the place or is just totally missing, readers instantly realize it. Yes, voice makes or breaks blogs. A strong, consistent voice is a must.

3.) Content Credentials. The Internet is a wonderful realm where anyone can log on and make a statement about anything they desire. It's free. It's wide open. This is the way it should be too. The Daily Scribe, however, also believes that an equally special realm for people who have set aside years upon years of their lives to study, train and prepare for specialized service in particular disciplines or fields should exist too. So, if you are going to apply, please be prepared to share your academic credentials and/or preparation experiences.

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