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New page doesn't load properly! When you get down to the St Brendan stuff, everything is on one line and you have to scroll several sreens over to read it all. Content is good though!!

You will of course be amused/unsurprised to know that it is fine on Firefox...but not IE6

Will try to resolve this... have an idea how to... but... TBH my advice would be download Firefox or Flock... way better browsers anyway! Even on a PC!


How does it work out in praxis? Does it work well or are you needing to do some tweaking? It's great to see how your community is doing this. Some great stuff that sounds indigenous to your community while also having things that can be used as a starting point for other commun ities to experiment with.

Jem : Ie6 Text box issue should be resolved

Adele : I guess it will always need some tweaking, it is itself a journey and still early days! The Rhythm is pretty hard work and new to us all and TBH is only a starting point... it will probably develop. In terms of the Mission etc. itself we are again working through it, it is no way perfected in fact it is very much in its infancy! We hope others will refine some of this and teach us more than we could possibly teach them... It's all great fun at the moment though :) Great people great God!

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