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The link takes me to a blank page. What happened with Blair? Adele

Seems to work from this end... but will cut'n'paste a bit of it.

What the heck
are you saying are you saying the Slave trade act in Canada is making it worse?

Hi Rachel, I'm not sure I follow you... I don't know what the impact of Canadian legislation has on the Traffiking of women and Children in Europe? What I am saying, simply, is that though there is much reason to celebrate the bicenteniary of the Abilition Act in the UK... there is no place for complacency, that slavery is more prevalent than ever (circa 16 million more slaves now than at the time of Abolition). Though it is no longer state sanctioned, the Government still has significant responsibility to a) stamp it out and b) care for those caught up in it.

(edit) I'm wondering if by "The Slave Trade Act in Canada" you are refering to the 1807 act, which was in fact an act passed in the British Parliament... which of course also applied to Canada, then a part of the British Empire? If so then, no, of course I'm not syaing it makes the current situation worse???!!! Just that any celebrations may lull us into thinking Slavery is no more, when the opposite is the case.

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