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Yet one should not click on the ads just to click since the advertiser must pay for the click. Clicking just to generate revenue would be a form of stealing from the advertiser, would it not?

Indeed... I hope you noticed the wink ;) let it not be said that we are unethical!

let it also be said that in Australia - advertising is tax detuctible for the company - so they aren't paying in the end - average joe or jess is. ;D

Mark: I did notice the wink and certainly understood your pure motive -- just making a comment without any intent to imply unethical behavior. Since in business I use AdSense also, I'm very familiar with the issues around it and false clicking is a big one with advertisers.

BB, I didn't take it personaly... and it was a good point well made!

I'm wondering what my serving (Cosmetic surgery, Ladies fashion shoes, A Way Out West CD and 'Smile with Confidence') of adverts means for me, or SafeSpace... Should I be looking for more manly pursuits?

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