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Mark, sounds really interesting. Where could I get a copy from? Pleased that GREENBELT went well for you. Looking forward to getting there myself one year.

Hey Paul, thanks... you should get over!

You can order copies of the 'Encounters on the edge' series from http://www.encountersontheedge.org.uk/

Mark, are you saying that it's in the latest "Encounters on the Edge" that's featured on the website...

No, its issue 29... click on 'order encounters' in the side bar, then 'would you like to order individual issues' then scroll down to the next to last one.

Thanks Mark. Sorted! We'll see what happens.

Interestingly Mike Riddell write similarly several years ago. In a section of "Beyond Ground Zero:Resourcing Faith in a Post-Christian Era"

It is interesting, I started looking into new-monasticism around 2002... it does seem to me that there is a global move of the Spirit, common themes 'springing up' all over the place. Perhaps part of the phenomenom is down to new forms of communication enableing wider exposure of the stories... but I am becoming convinced that there is more to it than that. Not only are the 'ideas' shooting up all over the world but from all sorts of 'church-manships' and denominations... sometimes from the places you'd least expect!

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