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Very astute observations Mr Sheene! There is definitely a tension between two perspectives (of the many) of the 'Emerging Church' - how much of it is Church for the de-churched, disenfranchised, post-churched, deconstructed, post-modern believer etc. etc. alot of which has grown from the alt.worship world and how much is 'fundamentally' missional in nature... ie. where does the Emergence begin... is it a 'new'understanding of Church emerging from traditional church, the seeds being formed in dissatisfaction... or is it church emerging from a community of spiritual seekers, for whom the 'starting' point is a question and maybe an encounter with an unknown God... the third perspective may contain a bit of both, that it is Church in the context of a culture ("post-modernity') that it is emerging itself... my emphasis would be on the latter two, but would still include a degree of the 'internal' deconstruction that is evident in the former. For me the core value would be that the Church should be Missional and therefore seek to enable an expression of community to emerge, in order to do that though there does need to be theological and ecclesiological deconstruction of where we, the Church, is and what we hold to.

BTW I love the final paragraph! You are bang on... it is not about the surface, the style, the visible expression... it should surely be about the seed... therefore we need to engage in an exploration of just what is the essential seed... interestingly when one takes a seed from a Tomatoe if you do not strip it of all the jelly/flesh that encompasses the seed itself... it will not germinate!

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