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.... just what is an 'Acceptable' vegetarian equivalent for mince in Chilli??? Does not compute... to a carnivore such as me... kinda like non-alcoholic beer!?

In Texas, where if I'm not mistaken chili was invented, they never use beans. And it's quite good actually.

Thanks Kelly. However, it's nice to think that we Brits can take something American and improve it! Maybe the beans are the difference between "quite good" and "awesome"!! ;-)

Chili does not have beans. When you add beans it becomes Chili Con Carne, but most of us in the States just call it Chili with beans. Pinto is the bean of choice (a small red bean). The Chili mix is the key. I like those with a some “heat.”

BB... I guess you are right, but here in the UK the 'con carne' variety has become the norm so much so that it is so rare to find Chili without Red Kidney Beans that it has become unnescessary to use the longer name!

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