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I'm a little more concerned that CNN.com listed this story above news of the actual attacks and Indonesian tsunami this morning! Heaven forbid our press cover...well, news.

Perhaps the States will manage to stay out of this one? It looks as if we're already charging our citizens to repatriate: http://time.blogs.com/daily_dish/2006/07/email_from_beir.html

this is truly scary...

I saw the conversation on More4 news last night. Renewed my thinking that, deep down, Tony is a good bloke and George W is a nutter!

Thought it made Tony (whom I do think is at heart a 'good bloke') look weak... Being called "Blair" by GW - very patronising, the way GW kept eating hardly looking round at TB, interupting him etc... and just the way TB spoke... very subserviant... some very interesting body language going on!

Scott, I totally agree... with both your points (that the media often has the agenda screwed and that I hope the US keeps out of it!)... I guess one of the reasons this cock-up made headline news is that in these days of 'media-management' or Spin as call it... we rarely get a window on what the politicians are REALLY thinking (or in Bush's case IS he thinking!?)! SO to see behind the news conference poidia gives us a glimpse at how the world is being (mis)managed!

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