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really encouraging to watch this take shape. good on you all.

This sounds really exciting and I will be praying for you as your vision develops. I think point 3 is central and I'll be interested to see how you put it into action.

On a related note, does anyone know of any established UK churches which are being transformed from a weekly congregation to an intentional community based on monastic principles? Of course, I'm aware of the developments at Moot, but are there any more 'traditional' churches making the change?

Not sure about 'Trad' churches doing the monastic shift... another non-trad church exploring this is hOME in Oxford...



Mark: Nice core values. I like their intentionality and proactive nature.

I think I'll journal them for future meditation. I need to do this same exercise. Do you think the consumption of great Chili is central to the process?

David - you might take a look at St Thomas' in Sheffield and The order of Mission that has grown out of it.

St Tom's is an established church, an Anglican/Baptist LEP (local eccumenical project), and reasonably traditional within the charismatic evangelical traditions of those two denomninations, if unusually large. TOM is intentionally missional, and exists within and alongside those and several other denominations. TOM and St Tom's are not one-and-the-same, so its not exactly transforming a trad congregation into a monastic community; but many of the values and practices are the same - especially the emphasis on discipleship and community.

I don't know if that helps or not, but as you asked for suggestions...

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