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Now aren't you sorry you never joined the Chislehurst Golf Club - you could have been hobb-nobbing with the best of them in the Crown Prince's own rooms...

Praying for you brother, stay stronge. Amen

Tel Boy

Welcome to the dark side

Heeheeeee, it's catching it really is. My boys have clubs that Jem has given them, and now a trolley that my dad gave them and the collection grows. And I've been begged to take 11 year old to the range while the youth are on their mission week this week. Pink argyle sweater? hmmmm? Would those yellow trousers be yellow tartan?

ahh - there's no turning back now! once the golf bug bites you've got it for life I'm afraid! resistance is futile so just enjoy!

Golf its just so, well er crazy.

Yours, concerned, maybe;)

I need say no more than... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Middle_age

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