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well that's no good. emergentvillage has a good book list.


You might like to note that for some time Aaron Flores in California (he is a viblogger and warmly identifies himself with Emerging Church projects) tried to take editorial responsibility for the wikipedia article. Aaron wrote his master's thesis about Emerging Churches on the Internet. I recall that he quit looking after the article owing to the steady stream of editorial arguments made by others on the "talk" tabbed section that lies behind the main article. He did remark on this on his blog during 2005, and I recall that TSK did draw attention to the problem when Aaron tossed in the towel.

The "neutrality" of an article can quikly become a point of contention on wiki generally when strongly opinionated contributors who hold opposing views begin an e-version of a gladiatorial contest.

While this should not daunt some responsible contributors from improving on the article's content, bibliography and web-links, it is best to be forewarned of probable "conflict" that will ensue with any editing of the article.


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