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You might be interested in this recent posting over on the NZ blog "theobloby". Michael Treston has some comments from going to hear Jenson speak.


Thanks Stephen, interesting Michael reflects what I have heard from Aussies... that they are open to methodological experimentaion provided the theology is 'orthodox'... so for me that is a problem... I am not sure you can divorce the two... it just becomes a stylistic/niche thing... though interesting that other Sydney Anglican high-ups condemn the use of candles, Icons etc... For me the re-theologising is as important as, if not more than the look of the thing! Put simply Emerging/Missional church is not simply another evangelism technique for the same old Church... it has to have a 'deconstruction' element and a need to explore a wider theology (e.g. Mystical and Monastic)

Mark, it needs to be noted that the Sydney Anglican power brokers have a VERY narrow view of what constitutes orthodoxy, verging on the sectarian.

Despite being the largest protestant demonination in Sydney Anglicans are often the least represented at Converse (ie Sydney EC) events. Some (not all) are downright hostile to the Emerging Church conversation, moreso than traditionally fundamentalist denominations I might add.

Sydney must look like a wierd scene from elsewhere.

Indeed it does! Although there are growing pockets of modern/urban-suburban/professional/middle class/iconoclastic/reformed/evangelical (with charismatic tendencies)/sectarian/patriarchal/etc. etc. Church here too!

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