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oh er smacking balls sounds painful

"Congrats on the [CMS weekend]... as for the [croquet]... I understand what you are saying, but at the same time a phrase keeps banging itself against my frontal lobes... I will get no rest until I let go of it... here it comes... ready... 'Get a life!' ;-) "

Came across this [amended] quote somewhere recently. Thought it was relevant!

LOL... but I wasn't making a theological point from it ;-)

Okay, so I challenge you to find one.

well... not sure if I can, it's been too long since I was a Youth Minister and/or preacher... poor old James hit the pin twice (meaning he had to go back to the start) there must be something in that! There is def something about evangelical church... having to squeeze through one tiny hoop after the other before being allowed to move closer to the goal and being smacked off course by the leaders at every opportunity ;-)

Or is it a picture for charismaniacs.....using the tools for "extending your tent" (Isaiah 54:2) to have some fun instead??

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