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good thoughts.

The celtic model of seeding communities is really amazing. The church I am a part of is going to try and do this next month in Paris. We're sending a group of our church (from the US) to Paris.

we'll start with a foundation of prayer. We're going to do 24-7, with a daily rhythmn of liturgy. We also hope to reach out to people as a community, inviting them into our safe community.

should be interesting.

Hey, I am a seminary student in the U.S. and have just started visiting this blog. I am trying to write a paper on how the word "missional" is being used. It has become quite popular of late and it is often being appropriated differently than the way in which it was coined. What does it mean for you to be missional?

Some years ago I spent a few days on Lindisfarne (Holy Island) where the Celtic Saint Aidan set up his community. The Island is connected to the mainland by a causeway at low tide and was full of tourists with an almost frantic busyness as nick nacks and mead and tea-towels were sold in vast quantities. When the tide came in the tourists departed and a peace settled on the place.

Aidan and his community had time to withdraw and pray at times. At other times they would cross over to Bamburgh and the rest of Northumbria to spend time sharing the gospel with the people.

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