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Wow, thanks for the response. That was rather unexpected. If hospitality is something that you are trying to live into, this was certainly an example.

I am right with you, I think, on the use of the term missional. I cannot speak for the U.K., but I know that the in the States it is being used more and more.

Unfortunately, I think it is not being used carefully and in informed ways. It is often just slapped onto a church's purpose statement with no sense of the theological depth behind the term. I am writing my paper here for one of my professors, Darrell Guder, who helped bring the term "missional" to the forefront of theology. He is quite interested in how the term is being appropriated in the "emerging" churches.

Thanks for your informed response. It is more rare than it should be. Peace.

Matt Overton

Matt, after reading Guder's book "Continuing Conversion of the Church" and "Missional Church" (in which he was the gen. ed.) I have to say I'm envious of you having him as a professor.

Mark, I think your statement about hearing the Mission heartbeat of God in a particular context/culture, along with the quote you provide, is one of the most concise summaries of missional church I've seen. It's particularly powerful in light of the fact that you are actively working it out and pursuing a more faithful expression of these things in your context in Telford.

Amen. Amen and Amen. I'm so very encouraged by what I have seen here. Though I have not explored your entire blog yet, I am so impressed with this posting. My personal faith journey has been anything but simple and the best word to describe where I am at today would be "liminal."

I have been leadership in a number of churches for the last decade or so, one of those being a famous "emerging" church affiliated with Acts 29. I discovered that as the Lord was guiding me to a better understanding of Missio Dei, the clergy and laity of my church grew increasingly nervous about my role in the church. Eventually I was asked to leave because I "asked too many questions" and wasn't willing to "get onboard fully with their vision for the church."

Our church, though "emerging" and postmodern... was extremely divided between the clergy and the laity. And we were very focused around our services... and making sacred zones for the members to enjoy.

God started laying on my heart, the need to focus more on empowering the lay people to be missional by practicing a more wholistic expression of christianity that was able to flourish outside of the building. And God laid it on my heart not only that it would be important for people to be more disciplined and consistant INDIVIDUALLY, but also learn what it meant to share that life, side by side.

After moving to a new church, I discovered that they were resistant to these ideas as well. After much prayer and difficulty, I decided that it would be much better to set out on my own and not be a member of ANY church... but pursue others who shared a similar kingdom-view as I did.

It's been 3 years now, and I have still not found ONE person in my zip code that shares my heart for these things. Every Christian that I have met here is heavily involved in a church and doesn't have time or resources to join me in this journey.

I have found a group of brothers and sisters that live 150 miles away, in Seattle, so I have been meeting with them as much as I can for discipleship, nurture, and accountability....

Sometimes it seems like besides them, I'm the only person that feels this way. I thank the Lord for this liminal time of my life. I have grown tremendously. I just want you to know that it is an encouragement... that when I google Missio Dei, I'm finally starting to discover blogs that I can really say Amen to.


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