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Very profound, dontcha think? We could really learn something from this.

I don't like this quote in some ways. I am a fan of not being a cloistered community. In THAT sense I don't want to be "alien". However, I hope that our community is alien in that it models a different ethic that is an ethic of the kingdom. Newbigin argues for this as the community that prompts the fundamental questions our culture needs to be asking. So, I think we ought to be alien, but not isolated. If the Church is not salty, then what good is it? Who wants to eat something that is the flavor of everything else?

I agree in some ways Matt... I guess there is a difference between being alien from culture and being able to critique culture - to ask the fundamental questions - in other words the difference between being apart and being a part but seeking to be salt (what effect does salt have unless combined with the subsatnce to be purified/preserved? - kinda like yeast!?)... I look forward to seeing where Steve goes in this series.

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