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Hey Mark, thanks for sharing this. oh that we might be as foolish to through ourselves into the depths and the vastness of God to be carried by His will. To be as wreckless, to let go of everything and drift...to be carried solely by Him. Wild, wild faith...crazy!!!

Mark just thought I'd pass this comment onto you from a friend on my site...
I actually spent time in St. Comgalls Monastery in Ireland, and heard the story of St.Brendan. Very interesting times they were in.

The story goes that St.Comgall started a 24/7 house of prayer, and the intercession went on for upwards of 100 years!

Now some historians think that this monastery was the center of the world concerning avery area of life, and that Comgall sent out missionaries to the "ends of the earth".

This is historical fact, many monks left the area around Bangor Abby, as they called it, and traces of their lives are found in India, Malasia, and even Mongolia.

However, the barbarians from Norway came and wiped out all traces of these Christian Missionaries and left only one tower and a small room, which today still stand as a testiment to St.Comgall and the other men and women that pursued a life of prayer and purpose.


Thanks Ron... God has been saying so much about this at the moment... It started with the Francis Drake prayer/poem, then Paulo Coehlo and then St Brendan... There is also the minor connection (coincidence?) that Brendan's journey was for 7 years... the same as ours! We are neginning to explore the possibility of a pilgrimage to both the mountain and the casting off point. If we can catch just a little of the wildness!

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