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I like the idea of the podcasts. Yeah... do it... the money. I think the donate button is the best way to go. It allows for the fact that there is a cost to the project without making it a paid for affair. I have experimented with ads on my blog, but to be frank, I don't like them and they are not covering my costs either.

What would you estimate the anual running cost at...

The Operational costs after Stipend and Housing are forecast at around £7-8k, these are currently met between CMS, The Diocese and a Charitable grant... The aim is to be able to meet these costs gradually over the next 4(ish)years... i.e. £2k this finnancial year, £4k the next etc. We are producing gift aid info and will be looking at other sources... we don't expect (or want) to rely on internal giving so we have to think a bit creatively!

Hi Mark,

podcasts sounds good idea could dontate you 500meg of web space and 4gb of bandwidth a month if thats any use? drop us an email if it is.

Cheers n bleesings

Andy, That would be fantastic mate, I'll be in touch!

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