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thanks for this - downloaded it for my personal reflection at moment - great timing for me.

Thanks for sharing this Mark, we'll be using it in worship this weekeend, as our community finds itself in transition...it really does feel like the desert. Peace...Ron+

Mark: Thanks for sending the mp3. I've played it more than once just for my own benefit and meditation.

I've created a power point to go with it so we have a simple visual (just eight slides) to reinforce the message and help those who experience things via the “eye gate” to be drawn into the meditation, but it is over 25M in size and therefore hard to email.

mark there isn't an issue with typepad and bandwidth. i have asked them what happens if you exceed your allowance and they replied saying nothing. so you can always upload it there...

Cool... now doubled by alloted bandwidth ;-) link on sidebar

thanks for making this available. i've downloaded it for my personal use right now but may end up using it within my church soon.

Thanks, Mark. I am working with youth in an Episcopal Church in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania, USA (near Scranton, which is old coal country). I'm also involved in a house church kind of deal working out our identity and mission, as part of the local Episcopal Diocese and its mission/evangelism efforts.

Thank you.
I'm from Germany and I just downloaded it and will listen to it now.


Thanks for posting Desert Meditation; this is the first piece of yours I've heard. I look forward to perusing your site for more. I work with media arts and web design for a college/twenty-something ministry serving Indiana University. I may post a link in our forums about this site, assuming you do not mind.


Bloomington, Indiana / USA.

all the best,

i downloaded it... don't know where or when i will use it, but it is now in my bag of tricks in texas, usa.

Thanks... from Vancouver BC.

Hi just downloaded the Desert Meditation I will be useing it in my pesonel worship anf possablely atl worship at our churh.


merci...Montréal, Québec, Canada

Hey Mark,
I'm from Springfield, Missouri and heard about your site through jonnybaker. thanks for the mp3. we're way excited for lent (is that a paradox?), and this will be of good help.

Thanks, busy downloading the file. Will give it a listen as soon as I can.

Thank again,

Johannesburg, South Africa

Thank you.


thanks for this...
pennsylvania, US

downloading it now - sounds great so far


I used the meditation in our Wednesday prayer and meditation group. It went down a storm they all wanted to know who it was that made it so I sent them over to your site.

Thanks again mark.

thanks for this - great stuff. Used it in a Diocesan Youth Service in Monmouth on Sunday. It was a bit long to use in that context, so we used the last three and a bit minutes (from "God has called you here to meet him"), and it worked perfectly.

We met briefly at your Set Sail installation in the New Forms cafe at Greenbelt last year...and I've wanted to run that at a local youth leaders training conference in Johannesburg this year. I might use these tracks too - thanks :)

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