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Haven't read this one but started Angels and Demons a year ago and never finished it. Not that impressed. So, why do you think the DaVinci Code is so popular? I'm curious what you think. Adele

that I'm afraid is easy... controversy breeds publicity... that kind of publicity brings sales! Maybe people in this world of lowest common denominator 'entertainment' (Reality TV... Celebrity circus... etc. etc.) are willing to accept whatever crumbs of excitment and adventure that is thrown at them... just look at how many 'Da Vinci Code' clones are in the bestellers lists... come back Barbara Cartland all is forgiven!

Love the rant! We are also pretty against the Da Vinci Code phenomenon, but mostly because it is essentially a trashy airport novel. We also have a rant on out site
dispite the somewhat irreverent approach of our website, we actually take religion seriously (i actually have a Masters Degree in Religious Studies), we just think that celebrities don't, and we want to make fun of their shallow and superficial lives. We don't want to offend (too many) people.

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