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I still think that devils and dust (Springsteen) was one of the standout albums of 2005, he's really been improving in style and lyrics over the last few years, since his album "the rising"

it has a few great tracks on it...

Fair play... I can't say I was particularly aware of it, hence the question 'why?'... even so there were certainly international artists who had a greater impact in the UK over the last year.

Get the 'why' with Springsteen cause he hasnt really impacted but he should be awarded regularly for being the closest thing to Dylan!! Dont get how the rest of the world awards the Gorillaz but the Brits ignores them....far too narrow for my liking. Think international, think Sigur Ros...forget Madonna, Mariah etc etc!!!

Saw Bob Dylan (always loved his music)a few years ago... talk about shattering an image... I can safely say being close to Dylan as he was then would be nothing to be proud of - he was terrible! TBH Phil, I havent heard his latest album... so I'm only commenting on stuff gone by...but I don't see the connection I'm afraid, Perhaps a poor mans Neil Young... but Bob? I just don't see it... will check out his latest offering though.

OK having listened to Devils and Dust on iTunes preview... I can see the "Tonight Matthew I am going to be Bob Dylan" connection... there are one or two tracks which sound interesting (e.g. Reno and Maria's Bed) but to be honest it doesn't do much for me at first listening... all a bit samey - would prefer early Bob, Cash or Woodie Guthrie TBH if I want country folk. And where are all the songs about Cars, Girls and Beer? ;-)

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