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That should be interesting, It is a wonder that are still alive, because the Muslims will kill you for such an offense. When this show airs the clergy, police or who ever enforces the laws there will probably round them up and eliminate them. To the Muslims, this sort of sexual deviant behavior is probably lower on their list than the Christians or the infidels that live in America.

1stly, as far as I am aware the Muslims filmed are from the UK and I believe some (if not all) will be in shadow. So I don't think they are likely to be "rounded up".
2ndly, it is just as impossible to say THE Muslims as it is to say THE Christians... there are many different groups. OK the charicature we get in the media is of the bearded, fundamentalist... but they are just as much a minority as their Christian Fundamentalist equivalent... Yes there are issues with Islam... especially re. Human Rights... but I have similar problems with strains of Christianity that advocate regime change by indiscriminate violence. I have also heard/read (American!) Christians calling for the death of Homosexuals.

I'm sorry, I wasn't talking about the nominal followers, I was speaking of the real followers of the Muslim Religion.
You are right about the Christians, we have our nominal Christians, too.

Thats OK Jose, my point was however, not that we have nominals too.. but that we have aggresive fundamentalists too! Many (the vast majority) "real" muslims do not support the extreme views e.g Jihaad and Shariah law in the way charicatured by the media. And of course there are various traditions (the most well known being Shi'a and Sunni) who hold different perspectives just like the Saducees, Pharisees, Esene and Zealots did and Baptists, Anglican, Mennonites, etc. do now.

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