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Blimey! How bizarre. Well it couldn't happen in the Church of England you know. I refer you to Canon b6 & b11:

6.1. The Lord’s Day, commonly called Sunday, is ever to be celebrated as a weekly memorial of our Lord’s Resurrection and kept according to
God’s holy will and pleasure, particularly by attendance at divine service, by deeds of charity, and by abstention from all unnecessary labour and
6.2. The principal Feasts which are to be observed in the Church of
England are Christmas Day, Epiphany, the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Easter Day, Ascension Day, Whitsunday or Pentecost, Trinity Sunday and All Saints’ Day.

11.1. Morning and Evening Prayer shall be said or sung in every parish church at least on all Sundays and other principal Feast Days, and also on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. Each service shall be said or sung distinctly, reverently, and in an audible voice. Readers, such other lay
persons as may be authorized by the bishop of the diocese, or some other suitable lay person, may, at the invitation of the minister of the parish or, where the cure is vacant or the minister is incapacitated, at the invitation
of the churchwardens say or sing Morning and Evening Prayer (save for the Absolution).

So this day is fairly clearly covered! Sunday AND Christmas Day.

It may be old fashioned but I think it says it fairly clearly. We go to church on Sunday every week to remember Jesus' resurrection. "Family Time" is not a sufficient reason for not doing that on Christmas Day.

There are already as many holes in that as there were in my Grandads string vest! As for the Lords day being Sunday = cultural invention! And most folk dont do the Charity or abstaining from unnecessary labour on a Sunday otherwise B&Q would be out of business! I also know more churches that don't do Evensong than do (especially in these days when Clergy have more and more churches to care for!)! Maybe time for another rethink... it seems to me that our festivals are a real way to conect with people... most churches get their highest attendance at the festivals... so maybe we should make much much more of them than focus on the week in/week out service?

As for Willowcreek, I don't agree with their "solution" but if you can't force people to come... why not resource them at home!

Your comment does beg a Q for the good ol' CofE... when do these laws need reframing? If they are so far out of sync with most Christians never mind the rest of culture... has the ship already sailed? It all sounds extremely legalistic doesn't it? One may think that is good... but a) what is the point of leagalism and b) wasn't it something Jesus spoke rather harshly against?

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