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Think the last comment over the end titles gets the biggest laugh for me!

So Mark, when you gonna start publishing the full body of your posts to your RSS instead of the just the first few words so that we don't have to click through to the blog to read the rest and can therefore happily read your posts no matter what device we're using or resolution we're running?

Your wish is my command... some people don't like to have the whole post on RSS so they can select what the view... but as you asked so nicely...'tis changed :-)

Mark, you're a star for doing that. Not only can I read it all in bloglines now, but can hit your links direct from the feed.

Even better I can now read your full posts on my phone when out and about (ok, ok, I'll admit it, I really mean when I'm in bed!)

Hopefully your other 11 subscribers on bloglines will be happy too, especially if one of them is Jordon Cooper. He's been gunning for partial rss feeds too...

Thanks again for sorting that Mark!

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