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Interesting stuff Mark. In terms of the job i do in community work and community development 'measuring success' or 'impact' is always the big question.

How do we know whether we are making any difference? How can we justify the resources used? etc. etc.

The past five years particularly has seen a culture shift in these ideas and we now talk about 'outcomes' and 'indicators' rather than counting numbers. It sounds like this will be true too for your initiative in Telford. I guess there will be tasks of evaluating what and how you are doing.

Thank you for these Mark, wonderful.
One of the things that I love is that in bible times yeast wasn't a strange substance in a packet, it was 'leaven' - a bit of yesterday's dough, that had an invisible living ingredient which meant that when you mixed it with today's dough (which looked exactly the same) the 'yeast' quickly multiplied and spread to fill and change the lot. That's my vision of fresh expression/incarnation.

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