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Of course you are right Mark, my charity point was simplistic. But i raised it because i'm concerned by the lack of conversation about it at all and the wider issues of how we use any of our money and live distinctively (all the things you point out here).

It is the danger of having a conversation that is too middle-class and santised.

Thanks for your input here. (i know by responding i am continuing to be part of the conversation!!) ;-)

Of course you are spot on mate! Gordon Crowther and I are doing some thinking at the mo... well just beginning to... on how we do/understand Discipleship in an emerging/fresh expression type context... for me it must reflect a radical walk that rejects some of the consumer spirituality we see in church/christian subculture ... the I'm a christian because God blesses me and Im gonna get to go to heaven too attitude... sees the global/local dimension as integral to community and takes the accountability and mutual "admonishing" of Collosians 3 seriously ... and addresses the social questions of the age (especially when our so called Labour government is now instituting education policy that the tory's think is a step in the right direction (pun intended!))... In terms of the "emerging" Blogosphere, in many ways it has got too big and it is becoming difficult to see the wood for the trees... the 'conversation' may have become more of a bar room free for all... lots of polemic little direction! Like you my blogroll is actually shrinking!

Can I suggest looking into Action Learning Sets as a possible model for real life related discipleship with a communal and post-christendom approach. Email me, if you are interested to find out more, my experience of it in a community work context has been very positive.

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