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Phil's a perfectionist. Take's him bloody ages to finish anything! :-)

If you check Deep Missiology by the end of the weekend (July 31st), you will find it up and running.

And regarding Matt's remarks, Au contraire! I am not a perfectionist. The perception that I am guilty of what Tolkien wrote in a story about himself of the artist forever working and reworking and never finishing in "Tree and Leaf" is incorrect in my case. Those who think I'm forever fiddling and trimming mistake care and precision and maturation of ideas + the juggling of multiple projects simultaneously as evidence of irreversible perfectionism. This is erroneous for it involves looking through the glass darkly!

er... yes I agree, I think?

Deep Missiology now has its inaugural post "live".

Phil - gotcha hook, line and sinker. See Mark, you just have to goad him a bit.

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