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welcome back to the blogosphere...
be good to work with you at cms!
i noticed you have thievery in your play list - i have just got tickets to see them in london. if you're interested you can order them from here -

Cheers Jonny
Love Thievery, will check out the dates.

Dear friends,

Obama is capturing millions of our youth into his cult like unification election efforts.
Many of our Christian youth are decieved by Obama's bewitching grasp into their hearts and minds. Our youth seem to be blinded by the fact that Obama's pro-abortion and gay marriage agenda will destroy America as we know it.

The overwhelmimg excitement of the crowds are being touted in the media as a focus to excuse all of Obama's socialistic and anti-christian views. Is anything more dangerous upon America's horizon than having the youth vote become the key factor which elects a man who seeks to undermine our entire constitutional Republic? Take a close look at where the Obama support is rooted. Young, inexperienced people who are emotionally charged for causes which are not comprehended by them, or even charted by wisdom. Consider who the media claimed was supporting Hillary: "white, uneducated women." Is it wrong to say there has never been an election that is more critical to our maintaining freedom?

Are we fully aware how the very values and principles of freedoms, which allow Christians to have rights, are now on the line? Obama can and will place left leaning judges on America's courts just as he has promised. Are Christian leaders sitting around like helpless by-standers watching this happen under their noses? Are we going to relinquish our fate to political chance by going about our normal daily agenda, and simply hope these opposing forces will quietly go away? Are our liberties dying with thunderous applause as good people silently watch?

There are other dangerous distractions dividing Christian Youth and drawing them away from unifying under true principles during a critical election year. Congregations are reporting divisions over 9 = 11 conspiracies and other popular contentions which frequently become contentious disputes regarding the Iraq war and 9 - 11.

I am writing to you because I have long foreseen such negative trends growing within the ranks of many believers. These events are highly divisive and are becoming very dangerous.

There have been several honest investigations recently which have exposed 9 - 11 conspiracies as a dangerous and misleading propaganda that is harmful to our country. The believability for such fabrications has a bewitching affect upon the minds of many Christians and others. Such propaganda fuels a growing lack of trust for established principles and can turn believers against our country, their own ministers, or other good individuals who refuse to support the conspiratorial spin. The negative affects I am warning about have much to do with the fact that many Christians are currently being distracted from an extremely important presidential election where leftists are contending to gain positions of power which could potentially turn our nation into an anti christian, socialistic state.

Modern Leftists despise Christians and are currently waging a spiritual, political, and media war against us. These people work tirelessly to silence voices of faith in order to undermine Christian influence and set up their left leaning Babylon. As Christians are decieved into contending against Bush, Iraq, and confusion over 9 - 11 conspiracies, they unknowingly assist the enemy as they ride into power without any resistance.

I was inspired with a new understanding and seek to reveal an important message recorded in the Bible concerning 9 - 11 and the Iraq war. The Iraq war will be a major issue this year because Obama promises to pull the troops out of Iraq against the advice of our military commanders on the ground. The importance of these events and our actual presence in Iraq are referred to in the Bible.

Before you are tempted to write me off as another false teacher warned about in scripture, please check out my publication now marketed by a large Christian organization called Salem. Please take a few minutes and witness the online video demonstrating a biblical message about 9 - 11 and the Iraq war in prophecy. I want you to see 9 - 11 evidence recorded in your Bible. I want you to witness 9 - 11 scriptures which connect modern Iraq with "eagle's wings" (America's symbol of freedom) I am holding myself personally accountable if my readers fail to discover exactly what I am promising them concerning Iraq or 9 - 11. You have both my e-mail and my phone number to do just that!


Any wise man tests before he talks". I appeal to those who have faith in the Bible, and know God is aware of today's crisis and believe He has inspired prophets to record spiritual solutions for these problems.

Visit www.eternaltruth.net/bpo911.html

TBH ed America "as we know it" could do with a major shake up... and a few "left leaning judges" might be a good start! They might at least do something to weed out the Racism etc. from America's legal system... as for the rest of your essay it's not the first time I've heard people use God to make a political point or a case for war and it wont be the last.

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