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Mark, that's just brilliant.

Isn't it fantastic the way God let's us think that ministry is our idea!

Wow, how good is that?

That is totally brilliant.God is good !!!


Congrats! This is so cool how this all came together. GOD is so brilliant! i wish i lived there to work with you guys. i think it is so cool how you have the cooperation and input of all these different people and govt. agencies.

COOL name!

All the best and can't wait to see the new site!


found out what your up to now :-)

such a simple idea, with potential to impact so many, with the wider support behind it will work and be another safe 'space'

Would love to pop over once up and running a lend a hand, an ear, catch up, chill.

great stuff man, totally chuffed for you.
What a wonderful sign of the deep participation of your community with God in his mission. Its great to see you finding your paths joining with others (both secular and faith motivated) in Gods work.

Safe Space spreads wider: from the school at Wing (and before?) to clubbing. Fantastic stuff -- keep going!

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